Wilderness Survival Training - Surviving & Thriving at Boolcoomatta

on 09 Dec 2013 

A group of Bush Heritage staff recently travelled with some trepidation to Boolcoomatta to take part in a wilderness survival training course.  A fortnight later, the team have recovered enough to speak of the experience… to describe to others the course provided by expert survival instructors Bob Cooper and Cameron Large…and to thank Bob & Cameron for sharing their expertise in preparation, psychology, equipment and methods to employ to ensure that we get back home each night, or that we’re able to function to make sure that we do get home if unforeseen events occur.

Bob’s sage advice was taken aboard whole-heartedly by the team, who applied all that they learned to ensure that they reached the Boolcoomatta homestead each night - because who would want to risk missing even one of the delicious dinners prepared by Andrea Tschirner at the homestead during the week?  Not that every meal was easy to come by -  Andrea joined the team for most of the course, putting together bush-found snacks of damper cooked in flint-lit fires, and eaten with Warragul greens, Old-man salt-bush, quandongs, and more!   Peter Barnes from Trust for Nature was able to join with the Bush Heritage team for the survival training course, and was an excellent addition to the team as they worked with Bob & Cameron to learn the skills for navigation, survival and signalling.

While the skills and advice imparted by the instructors was designed for survival, it was noted that the pragmatic, informative and supportive teaching style of Bob & Cameron contributed to making the course the success that it was.

Thanks to Bob & Cameron.