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Wildflowers galore in south west WA

Angela Sanders (Ecologist)
Published 04 Dec 2020 by Angela Sanders (Ecologist)

Botanist extraordinaire Libby Sandiford has spent the past few years striding across our properties in the Fitz-Stirling in south-west Western Australia. The reserves include Beringa, Chereninup, Monjebup, Red Moort and a partner property, Yarraweyah Falls

Libby has documented an incredible 934 species of flora in just under 4000ha, which is highly biodiverse by anyone's reckoning.

The vegetation map shows up to 12 plant communities per property, some of them very difficult to map. 

With millions of years of uninterupted and continuous evolution of plant species, south-west WA is one of the most floristically diverse places on earth. 

We are thrilled that Libby has produced a very comprehensive herbarium as part of the project, which will be used by ourselves and community members to identify plants in the area.

The project has also contributed many specimens both to the Albany and Perth herbaria. 

This project was made possible through funding from the WA State NRM office. 

For the plant lovers out there, dont miss Libby Sandiford's free online talk Wildflowers in the West as part of our ongoing Bush Chat series.


Libby Sandiford, Botanist and Angela Sanders, Ecologist Libby Sandiford, Botanist and Angela Sanders, Ecologist
Flora survey notes Flora survey notes
Flowering pea Flowering pea
Kunzea affinis in full bloom Kunzea affinis in full bloom

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