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Published 13 May 2015 
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Leanne and Paul Hales<br/> Leanne and Paul Hales
Peter Welldon<br/> Peter Welldon
Robert Murphy<br/> Robert Murphy
Matt and Amanda Warr<br/> Matt and Amanda Warr

"On behalf of the North Region, I would like to personally thank all of the incredible people who support the work that we do. Our volunteers are highly skilled and passionate individuals who form a considerable and very important part of the Bush Heritage team. Congratulations and we hope that you accept our appreciation and gratitude for all that you do."  
Robert Murphy, Executive Manager North Region

"Volunteers are a lifeline for staff in remote areas. With volunteer caretakers to 'hold down the fort' staff are able to take leave knowing that the property is in good hands while we spend valuable time with friends and relatives afar."
Matt and Amanda Warr, Ethabuka Reserve

"Vounteers are a great asset to the organisation. They help us get jobs done that might otherwise slide down on the priority list. Volunteers bring a wide variety of skills out to our reserves and complete tasks that make life in remote areas that little bit easier. I also enjoy the company of volunteers. I take great pleasure in showing our volunteers the incredible natural beauty of the desert and the importance of the work we are doing together."
- Peter Welldon, Cravens Peak Reserve

"For Yourka Reserve in far north Queensland, volunteers have meant the difference between a healthy riparian zone and creekbanks choked with siam weed. Annual foot-based survey and treatment of siam weed along the Sunday Creek catchment, along with strategic fire management and herbicide control has seen a 90% decrease in the number of siam plants over the last three seasons. Bush Heritage volunteers have demonstrated a dogged dedication to the detection of siam in very challenging physical conditions and contributed greatly to these impressive results. In this instance it has been people-power that has made all the difference."
Paul Hales, Reserve Manager, Yourka Reserve

Last week I advertised for some help at one of our remote Bush Heritage reserves. Within half an hour I had twenty eager replies! It never ceases to amaze me how generous people can be with their time and skills. Our volunteers are just so keen to find a way to help us with our mission and do their bit to protect Australia's biodiversity. We may work in remote areas but there is a strong sense of community that comes from knowing that all you have to do is ask and you'll find willing volunteers who are so dedicated to our goals that they'll give up their free time (and even their holidays) to lend us a hand. Thank you Bush Heritage vollies for sharing the load, sharing your ideas and sharing a laugh. Happy National Volunteers Week!
- Leanne Hales, Community Engagement Officer Northern Region

Peter Welldon<br/> Peter Welldon
Robert Murphy<br/> Robert Murphy
Matt and Amanda Warr<br/> Matt and Amanda Warr