Yarraweyah/Monjebup blitz

on 16 Sep 2013 

Through last week Angela Sanders and I camped up on our Monjebup neighbours Bill and Jane Thompson's Yarraweyah Falls property with Bill and Jane, Albany-based botanist Libby Sandiford, and various associates and colleagues who joined us for periods through the week.

Over the course of 5 long days we really got to know the Yarraweyah/Monjebup landscape, country that we hadn't previously known well on account of priorities elsewhere among the Gondwana Link properties.

Mid-September's a stunning time to be out and about across the south-west, with our famously diverse flora in full bloom, and lots of activity in the bird world. Libby recorded over 350 species of flora, and Angela nearly 50 bird species over the 5 days.