Yatra Deep Ecology Walk in the Fitz-Stirling

on 05 May 2014 

Last week participants in a week-long 'Yatra Deep Ecology Walk' through the Fitz-Stirling section of Gondwana Link camped two nights on our Monjebup North reserve.  The flier for the walk notes:

This ‘Deep Ecology yatra’ is a unique journey where we explore the concepts of Deep Ecology along with the wisdom traditions of Yoga and Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation. The power of our awe-inspiring natural environment will support our individual and collective enquiry which consists of a respectful combination of meditation, reflection, discussion and movement. This pilgrimage is an opportunity to look deeply into the interconnectedness between man and nature. The yatra is conducted in the spirit of simplicity in which we tread lightly on the earth with respect and gratitude.

The walk participants camped their first two nights on our Monjebup neighbours Bill and Jane Thompson's Yarraweyah Falls property, followed by two nights on Monjebup North, and the final two nights on Greening Australia's Nowanup.  Our Gondwana Link Ecologist Angela Sanders and I were out completing vegetation monitoring in the 2013 restoration on Monjebup with Bill and Jane on the Tuesday, and we met with and talked to the group about Bush Heritage, our involvement in Gondwana Link, and the restoration project on Monjebup.  The weather was perfect, the group was energised and interested, and we have indications of some new supporters coming on board!