Yourka mission control

Published 06 Aug 2013 
about  Yourka Reserve  

The Yourka Siam weed project recently had onsite GIS (geographical information system) guru Paul Young and Queensland's surfing ecologist Murray Haseler to work with Paul and Leanne Hales to further develop the projects mapping and monitoring system.

With one aim of better enabling volunteers to locate, record and assist in on ground control, the challenge was for Paul to sort through a mountain of historical GIS records, Murray to overlay the conservation values of the reserve & staff to identify infestations & realistic control resources.

Looking like NASA mission control, the team worked away on a bevy of laptops that contrasted with the wilderness backdrop. The result; an updated management and monitoring tool that seeks to establish pragmatic control efforts based on the reserves highest conservation values.

The system better identifies for all stakeholders the priority control area taking into account real resources available for the best conservation outcomes. At a management level the process also achieved its objective of determining staff and organisational expectations and accountability for this significant $400,000 Bio diversity grant project.