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Jan’s Banded Snake Gift Card



A baby Jan’s Banded Snake captured on our Eurardy Reserve, Nanda Country, in Western Australia.

Rarely seen, the Jan’s Banded Snake (Simoselaps bertholdi) is a secretive species that completes most of its necessary life missions after dark.

Found in the south-west corner of the country throughout South Australia and Western Australia, it lives in arid sandy areas where it swims through ochre red dunes.

Eurardy Reserve is located at the top of a biodiversity hotspot about two hours drive from Geraldton in Western Australia. It protects over 500 plant species and connects a critical habitat corridor for native animals between Kalbarri National Park and Toolonga Nature Reserve. From managing invasive species, restoring waterways to planting a million trees, Bush Heritage is hard at work protecting the red soils of Eurardy Reserve and returning the bush to good health.

This bushgift supports Bush Heritage’s work helping to preserve the myriad native plant and animal species found on our reserves across Australia.

Find out more about Bush Heritage’s Eurardy Reserve.

Photo by Ben Parkhurst.

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