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The Greater Bilby Gift Card



The Greater Bilby, with its grey fur and long pink ears, is Australia’s answer to the Easter Bunny. However, unlike the rabbit population in Australia, Bilby numbers are falling rapidly.

These nocturnal marsupials are the only surviving relative of the Lesser Bilby and have co-existed with Aboriginal people for over 60,000 years. Sadly, since European settlement, they’ve been pushed close to extinction. The Greater Bilby is under threat from predation by foxes and feral cats, and competition for food from livestock and rabbits.

This bushgift supports Bush Heritage’s work with the Martu people, helping to develop the Birriliburu Indigenous Protected Area conservation and land management program in remote Western Australia.

“If anyone is going to save the Bilby and the other animals in this landscape, it’s going to be Indigenous rangers through programs like the Birriliburu partnership,” says Bush Heritage ecologist Dr Vanessa Westcott.

Photo by Bruce Thomson.

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