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Carnaby's Cockatoo Gift Card

Carnaby’s Cockatoo Gift Card


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Mostly observed at dusk or dawn in large flocks, the Carnaby’s Cockatoo (Zanda latirostris) are social eaters who enjoy feasting on proteaceous and myrtaceous plants. When it comes to breeding, they’re slightly more romantic. The species picks a mate for life and will return to the same nesting site year after year.

A lucky pair will nest in hollows of century old eucalypts and lay one or two eggs between the late winter and early summer.

Widespread land clearing of its preferred habitat and the impacts of a changing climate have meant the species is now endangered. Bush Heritage is celebrating the return of Carnaby’s Cockatoos to our Monjebup Reserve in Western Australia, an area we specifically revegetated for the species. Their shrill calls across the landscape are welcoming and motivate our field staff.

This bushgift supports Bush Heritage’s work revegetating landscapes across the country to ensure the homes of endangered species are kept healthy and protected forever. Learn more about some of the species we protect.

Photo by Krysta Guille.

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