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Honey Possum Gift Card



The relationship between Honey Possums and south-west Western Australia’s proteaceous plant species is a true love story, where one cannot survive without the other.

The Honey Possum or Noolbenger is the world’s only truly nectivorous (nectar-eating) marsupial, it feeds on banksias, bottlebrush, heath, grass trees and kangaroo paws. Found only in the south-west corner of Australia, the possum pollinates the landscape by transferring pollen caught on its fluffy body or long snout as it moves from one flower to the next.

Now extinct in most of the Central Wheatbelt, habitat loss due to land clearing poses the biggest threat to the species. Bush Heritage is revegetating its Western Australian reserves where the Honey Possum is found with proteaceous plants, so this precious love story can continue forever.

Photo by Kieran Macfarlane.

This bushgift supports Bush Heritage’s work helping to preserve the myriad native plant and animal species found on our reserves across Australia. Learn more about the Honey Possum.

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