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Kangaroo Paw Gift Card Gift Card



Red and green fuzz. The Kangaroo Paw is a prime nectar pit stop for honeyeaters and wattlebirds – the plant’s pollinators. A celebratory sight, this endearing species is native to Western Australia and can be found thriving in its natural habitat at Eurardy Reserve, Nanda and Malgana Country.

Bushgifts support our vital conservation work and help return the bush to good health.

We’re a unified force for nature, grounded in science and culture. We work to heal and protect the bush, now and for future generations.

Bush Heritage Australia is a leading not-for-profit conservation organisation that protects ecosystems and wildlife across the continent. We use the best science, conservation and right-way knowledge to deliver landscape-scale impact. We’re on the ground, working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the agricultural sector to make sure our impact is deep, sustainable and collaborative.

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