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Pygmy Possum Gift Card



Western Pygmy Possums are small nocturnal marsupials. These wide-eyed possums are agile climbers; they use their tails like a fifth limb to help them climb through foliage.

Western Pygmy Possums mainly eat insects, but they’ll also sometimes feed on nectar and pollinate flowers as they move from plant-to-plant.

The biggest threats to Western Pygmy Possums are predation from both feral and native animals, and loss of habitat through land clearing. With three species of Pygmy Possum already extinct, we know how important it is to look after those precious few remaining.

This bushgift is helping Bush Heritage to provide feral animal control, habitat protection and nesting boxes to protect Western Pygmy Possums on our Eurardy, Kojonup and Monjebup reserves in Western Australia.

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