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Spider Orchid Gift Card

Stuart Mill Spider Orchid Card


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The Stuart Mill Spider-orchid (Caladenia cretacea) is a white flowering orchid found only in Victoria. Our J.C. Griffin Reserve is home to some of the last of this threatened species.

Just 12 plants were found on the property in 2008. However, in partnership with Amaryllis Environmental and the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, a reintroduction program was started, which saw the number increase to 186 in 2017.

The Stuart Mill Spider-orchid has a complex, interconnected relationship with its surrounding environment and is a good indicator of ecosystem health. Land clearing, over-grazing by livestock and feral herbivores and competition from invasive weeds have pushed the Stuart Mill Spider-orchid close to extinction and continue to threaten its survival. This bushgift helps support our work on J.C. Griffin Reserve to provide a sanctuary for this threatened orchid.

Print-at-home PDF certificates provide a link to download a print-resolution PDF. Each can be printed at home on a single A4 sheet and will feature the front of card, gift description and back of card images.