Welcome to Friends of the Bush

Last updated 15 Jan 2018 

From all of us here at Bush Heritage, thank you so much for deciding to help us provide safe habitats for threatened native species like the tiny Honey Possum.

Did you know?

The Honey Possum is found nowhere in the country except the south-west corner of Western Australia. This adorable little creature, with its big eyes and long nose, is reliant on a diet of honey and nectar and eats very nearly its own body weight per day!

Surviving on pollen and nectar as a food source has meant that over time the Honey Possum has slowly been losing teeth, and today has just a few little pegs. Its tongue has also become specialised for licking pollen, with a brush-like tip – quite similar to a bird's. Honey Possums are unique in that they're the only non-flying mammal in the world to live on the products of flowers.

As you can imagine, the little Honey Possum's dependency on nectar-producing plants makes it vulnerable to their loss through bushfire and land clearing. Sadly, this is a familiar tale for many native species in Australia today.

Honey Possum video and facts courtesy of Don and Felicity Bradshaw at honeypossum.com.au

Providing habitat for the Honey Possum

That's why Gondwana Link is so important. This conservation project - which Bush Heritage is a significant partner in – aims to reconnect a mighty 1,000km stretch of restored bushland in this south-west region of WA that the Honey Possum calls home.

As our contribution to the project, we own six reserves in the area, equalling 7,426 hectares of sustained habitat for species like the Honey Possum. We not only protect the land from ever being used again for farming or land clearing activities, we also manage for fire all year round so that the threat of habitat loss through wild fire is reduced.

Friends of the Bush make all the difference

Bush Heritage has only been able to buy and protect these special landscapes through the generosity of committed conservationists like our Friends of the Bush. That's why your decision to join this growing community is such a significant one; by making this decision today, you'll make a meaningful difference every day. Thank you!