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Honey Possum. Photo by William Marwick.
Honey Possum. Photo by William Marwick.

Bush Legacy Circle

The Bush Legacy Circle recognises and brings together supporters who've made the profound commitment to Bush Heritage Australia of leaving us gifts in their Wills.

How do I join?

Supporters and staff at Dome Rock, Boolcoomatta Reserve.

If you let us know that you've included a gift to Bush Heritage in your Will you'll become a member. Membership is also open to family members of gifts in wills supporters who have passed away.

To find out how to leave a gift in your Will see our bequest brochure.

What are the benefits?

Bush Legacy Circle Members get exclusive invitations to special information events and hosted trips to our reserves. 

A few words from your fellow Bush Legacy Circle members

Donor and former board member Andrew Myer.

It would be my great pleasure to welcome you as a fellow member of the Bush Legacy Circle. As a bequest supporter myself I'm truly inspired by the collective generosity of over 2,100 Bush Heritage Australia supporters past and present who've made such a profound commitment to protect the extraordinarily important natural landscapes under our care today.

My deep passion for the environment began in childhood, nurtured by my father on our family property on the NSW south coast. Together we planted trees, explored the outdoors and simply enjoyed being in the landscape.

My connection with nature remains a lifelong one and I was delighted to find, in Bush Heritage Australia, a truly hands-on organisation through which I could contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

Over time I've seen Bush Heritage grow the dream of a great conservation idea into a robust national organisation and I'm confident that my bequest will be in safe hands and wisely deployed across Australia for the benefit of future generations.

I'm proud to support the work of Bush Heritage through my bequest knowing that I'm part of a larger community of like-minded individuals, who've chosen to support the conservation of our most important ecosystems beyond our own lifetimes.

I do hope I'll have an opportunity to meet you at a Bush Legacy Circle event in the future.

Bequests for the bush booklet
Gifts in Wills Guide to print (PDF 4mb)


Let us know

If you've included Bush Heritage in your Will or are considering leaving us a gift, please fill in this form to let us know so we can welcome you to the Bush Legacy Circle. We would love to invite you join us at special events as our way of thanking you for protecting nature for future generations..

Bush Legacy Circle at Dome Rock, Boolcoomatta.Sturts Desert Peas and Billy Buttons by Sarah Martin

Please note, your information will be held in strict confidence in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Australian Privacy Law.

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