Bush Buddies

Do you love to explore? Are you excited by science? Do you like animals?

If you'd like to learn more about our little buddies who live in the bush, you've come to the right place.

The Bush Buddies program is designed for primary school kids (ages around 6 to 12). Access games, fun facts and special content to help inspire, entertain and inform our ecologists of the future. Whether it's exploring your own backyard, or a nearby patch of bushland, there's lots to learn, see and do.

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If you could BE any Aussie animal, would it be...

Ask an expert

Do you have nature questions that you'd like answered by our team of ecologists and other experts? Send them to [email protected] or better still, make a video question and tag us on one of our social media channels. We have answers!

Sylvie has asked about lizards and camouflage. Before you watch the video, can you spot the lizard in the image below?

School Holiday Activity Packs

Spring 2020

Discover all that's weird and wonderful about Thorny Devils (they have 'pretend' heads, can absorb water through their bodies, change colour and have a very strange walk).

Play dirt-track detective by matching footprints to animals that left them, then look for native residents in our mega word search.

Ecologist Alana De Laive responds to a reader question and there's more colouring and a Koala face mask to be made!

Winter 2020

Meet a master of disguise – the Tawny Frogmouth

We also invite kids to come on Poo Patrol with us and discover what we can learn from animal droppings about their habitat, health and diet. There's a quick quiz to help us match that scat! 

You can also create an origami copy of an endangered parrot, bring a Burrowing Bettong to life and add colour to some native animals.

Fun things to make and do

Face masks

Do you know how some of our Aussie animals behave? Dressing up is lots of fun and it really gets you thinking. What are some things these animals can do that people can't? Print off and cut out face masks of an ant eating Numbat, cheeky Fairywren or sleepy Koala.

Make a face mask
Face masks

Bedroom name signs

It's not just animals that are territorial – kids can be too! Choose the first letter of your name, then download and print off the matching animal room sign. Mark your name on it and hang on your bedroom door to let everyone know who the room belongs to.

Find your sign
Bedroom name signs

Alwal origami

The world needs more Golden-shouldered Parrots - only between 700 and 1,100 of these beautiful turquoise and green birds remain in the wild on Cape peninsula in far north Queensland. Make your own unreal origami parrots with these simple instructions. Simply print and fold!

Get started
Alwal origami

Online jigsaws

You can do jigsaws of Australian animals online. Just drag and drop the pieces and when they fit, they'll click into place. How fast can you rebuild this Steve Parish photo of a sleepy Koala? Our best was 5 minutes. Can you beat it?

Start the jigsaw
Online jigsaws

Colourful creatures

Talented volunteers have created colouring sheets of native animals that live on our different reserves. Discover which creatures live in different parts of Australia and use our species spotlight pages to discover their colours and markings (or give them all spectacular new colours).

Get colouring
Colourful creatures

Decorate your device

When you're using a computer it's nice to be reminded of the beauty of nature and the Australian bush. Download free background wallpapers of our conservation reserves around Australia. Have them rotate on you device for a surprise tour each time you log on.

Choose free wallpapers
Decorate your device

Planning is important and kids' love structure. Download and print off this Portable Document File (PDF) weekly planner (10mb) to shape the days ahead.

Weekly planner.