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The Groundwork Challenge

Leanne and Paul Hales with family.

The Groundwork Challenge is your chance to turn a healthier you into a healthier country.

Make a daily commitment to walking, running or rolling – or a mix of all three –  every day between 16 November and 16 December 2020.

Our Reserve Managers are out there doing the painstaking work of protecting and revitalising our precious native landscapes. Get out there for them and see the country you love thrive.

Get out and enjoy walks in nature.

To get involved, simply:

1. Sign up

The Groundwork Challenge is for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live or your level of fitness. Just sign up for free and commit to your own daily challenge.

2. Spread the word

Tell everyone you know you’re doing the Groundwork every day. Ask them to support you by making a donation to Bush Heritage on your fundraising page.

3. Hop to it

Get out every day and hit your fitness goal. Run each morning, take 10,000 steps, jog 5km by the end of the day – it’s up to you.