Desktop wallpapers

Last updated on 27 May 2016 

Our properties are purchased and protected, and our partnerships with Traditional Owners made possible, by the generosity of supporters like you. Thanks!

With these desktop wallpapers we'd like to share with you some of the landscapes, plants and animals that we protect together. We'll add new wallpapers from time to time and let you know through our newsletters and Facebook page.

How to get and install your wallpaper

We are unable to measure your screen size. Find your screen resolution (by right-clicking or control-clicking on your desktop) then hover your mouse over the buttons below the previews to see which height:width ratio is the best match.

Saving a wallpaper picture

  • In Windows: right-click the download button and choose the [Save link as] command.
  • On a Mac: hold down the command key and click the download button.

Make sure you save the picture file to a folder where you can find it again.

Installing the wallpaper

  • In Windows: right-click your desktop, choose the [Personalise] command, then click [Desktop background].  Browse for the picture file that you saved.
    * Set the picture position as 'Stretch'.
  • On a Mac: control+click your Desktop and choose [Change desktop background] from the contextual menu. In the dialog box that appears, find your picture 's folder on the left and then your picture file on the right.
    * Specify that the picture should 'Stretch to fill screen'.