Meet more bequest supporters

A legacy for the future

Gay Bell


Gay Bell had no idea what her bequest to Bush Heritage would achieve when she made her Will some years ago.

Today we remember her as someone who played a key role in the protection of the magnificent Cravens Peak Reserve in far-western Queensland.

Her generosity and foresight has helped safeguard the habitats of some of Australia’s most threatened desert animals. She has given life and a bright future to hundreds of animals and plants, and her gift will go on giving every day.

As Ken Bell, Gay's husband says, ‘I was both excited and comforted on learning that Gay’s bequest had assisted in the purchase of an area in Queensland.'

'Together, we made many outback trips throughout Australia and were continually impressed by the natural beauty of the countryside. Gay in particular became keen to help preserve the plants and wildlife. With my encouragement she arranged the bequest to Bush Heritage and now I look forward to visiting Cravens Peak and anticipate saying, in Gay’s oft-used words – “just beautiful”.’

For the children of tomorrow

Cathie Plowman and David Butler

butler_plowman'I’m not really all that old, yet I’ve seen the bush change a lot in my life. As a child I remember the areas around the Royal National Park in NSW and my mother talking about how much they had changed since she was a girl.

As I grew older our own holiday haunts, with their bush thickets and Xanthorroea, were gradually replaced with houses. Narrow bush tracks became major roads.

And not just my childhood places have changed. In Tasmania glacial lakes I camped beside 20 years ago now lie beneath hydro-electric impoundments. Places of former quiet solitude in National Parks are now bursting with visitors and large car parks. The bush is slowly but constantly disappearing.

I hope that the children of tomorrow will have opportunities to enjoy the wonders of the Australian bush. That’s why my husband David and I are supporting Bush Heritage through a gift in our Wills.’

Photo by Arthur Clarke

Action on a national scale

Robert and Eve Scopes

robert_eve‘We live beside a beautiful creek with Platypus and turtles, and are adding to the rainforest we've inherited. So far we've spotted nearly 70 bird species and a number of mammals – not to mention the cheeky antechinus that nested in the piano!

Since retiring we’ve revelled in various voluntary conservation tasks. Our local Landcare group does a great job.

One of our greatest pleasures has been to see our granddaughter’s interest in the natural environment. We hope that the magnificent diversity we have enjoyed in our travels throughout Australia will still be available to her and future generations.

A bequest to Bush Heritage contributes to the possibility of action not just on a local, but on a national scale. We are glad to be part of it.’

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