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Terms of monthly donor enrolment

Account means the account nominated on the Monthly Donor Enrolment Form.

Financial Institution is the financial institution where you hold the Account.

We means Bush Heritage Australia; and

You means the Customer/s who signed the Monthly Donor Enrolment Form.

1. By signing, you authorise us to arrange for funds to be debited from your Account in accordance with these terms.

2. We'll advise you 14 days in advance of any changes to these terms.

For all matters relating to these terms, including cancellation, alteration or suspension of drawing arrangements or to stop or defer a payment, or to investigate or dispute a previous payment, you should contact Bush Heritage Australia on 1300 628 873 or Please allow 14 days for the amendments to take effect or for us to respond to a dispute.

3. You should be aware that:

(a) direct debiting through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) is not available on all accounts; and

(b) you should check your Account details (including the Bank State Branch (BSB) number) directly against a recent statement from your Financial Institution.

If you're in any doubt, please check with your Financial Institution before completing the Monthly Donor Enrolment Form.

4. It's your responsibility to ensure that:

(a) sufficient cleared funds are in the Account when the payments are to be drawn;

(b) the authorisation to debit the Account is in the same name as the Account signing instruction held by the Financial Institution;

(c) suitable arrangements are made if the direct debit is cancelled:

— by yourself;

— by your Financial Institution; or

— for any other reason.

5. If the due date for payment falls on a day other than a banking business day, the payment will be processed on the next banking business day. If you're uncertain when the payment will be debited from your Account, please check with your Financial Institution.

For returned unpaid transactions, we treat the payment as if it was never made.

6. If any provision of these terms is found to be illegal, void or unenforceable for unfairness or any other reason (for example, a court or other tribunal or authority declares it so), the remaining provisions of these terms will continue to apply to the extent possible as if the void or unenforceable provision had never existed.

Privacy and confidentiality

7. Bush Heritage Australia uses the personal information we collect from you to process donations, issue tax receipts and send supporters updates on our work and marketing material. Our Privacy Policy is at It explains how you can access or correct your personal information, and what to do if you have a privacy complaint. Bush Heritage may disclose your personal information to our suppliers such as mailhouses and data hosts, some of whom may be overseas. If you don't wish to receive marketing material from us, please let us know by sending an email to, calling 1300 628 873 (1300 NATURE), writing to us care of the address provided or via our website:

8. Bush Heritage Australia will keep your financial information confidential, to be disclosed only at your request or at the request of the Financial Institution in connection with a claim made to correct/investigate an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit or otherwise as required by law.


9. Bush Heritage Australia will refund your direct debit payment if all of the following conditions are met:

(i) You dispute a payment and/or investigations show that your Account has been incorrectly debited; and

(ii) The dispute is in writing and is received no less than 14 days before your next debit date; and

(iii) The dispute is lodged by the person who has signed the Monthly Donor Enrolment Form or a person (being an adult over 18 years) who has legal responsibility for that person. If the request to refund comes from that other person then we will also require documentary evidence of that legal authority and/or guardianship;

(iv) We will not refund any more than three (3) payments;

(v) We will only refund payments into the Account.

If our investigations show that your Account has been incorrectly debited, we will arrange for the Financial Institution to adjust your Account accordingly. We will also notify you in writing of the amount by which your Account has been adjusted. If, following our investigations, we believe on reasonable grounds that your Account has been correctly debited, we will respond to your dispute by providing you with reasons and copies of any evidence for this finding.

If we can't resolve the matter, you can refer it to your Financial Institution, which will obtain details from you of the disputed payment and may lodge a claim on your behalf.

Please submit your request for refund to or call 1300 628 873 for more information.

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