Last updated: Wednesday 16 November, 2016

We don't accept volunteer applications over summer (1st November – end of March) so our application portal is currently closed.

Volunteer opportunities available at any given time vary greatly. We recruit people with specific skills or those in geographical areas of need.

Our Volunteer Caretaker and Survey roles are highly sought after and applicants go through a selection process to ensure their skills, qualifications and remote travel and living experiences match our requirements. Volunteers must have their own reliable and remote-qualified transport to be considered for reserve placements.

We do offer office and project-based roles as they come up and encourage interested people to apply.

All Volunteer Applicants will be phoned for an interview to discuss our program and their experience. Unfortunately not all applicants can be accepted – there are limited opportunities.

For those who just want to immerse themselves in the Australian bush, our Visitation Program offers camping opportunities and both self-guided and organised tours. We're constantly working to develop more volunteer and visitation opportunities.

Considering volunteering with us?

See our FAQs page.

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