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We have a very busy volunteer program with over 1,000 people actively supporting our work.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19, volunteer positions will be limited in 2021. For information on the potential to volunteer in 2022, please contact Katie on 0436 020 012

Photo by volunteer Jerzy Lipinski.
Photo by volunteer Jerzy Lipinski.

Thanks for your support and patience. We hope to be accepting Volunteer Applications more broadly again later in the year.

Most of our volunteer placements are very remote.

Volunteer placements are limited because we need to ensure all our volunteers are safe, adequately resourced, doing meaningful work and covered by insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Who can volunteer?

What do volunteers do?

What are the benefits of registering?

Why are opportunities limited?

How are people selected?

Can my children (or my dog) come too?

Can I volunteer in the summer holidays?

Are expenses reimbursed?

Are volunteers insured?

Do I need transport?

Can I buy meals?

What accommodation can I expect?

What are the challenges with remote locations?

Meet the Volunteer Advisory Committee

Members of our Volunteer Advisory Committee

Our Volunteer Advisory Committee is a team of self-nominated volunteers from across the nation. They give us a user's perspective in the review of our volunteer systems and processes.

The committee also supports the development of new and inspiring opportunities that further champion our Volunteer Program.