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Advisory Committee

Our Volunteer Advisory Committee is a team of self-nominated volunteers from across the nation. They give us a user's perspective on the workings of our volunteer program.

Meet the members

Eva Finzel (Vic)

Eva Finzel

Eva and her husband lived on, loved and managed for 30 years an isolated 40-hectare bush property on King Island. It was declared a Private Nature Reserve in 2004. Eva gained her first 11 years of volunteering experience with the King Island Natural Resource Management Group Inc, where she was involved in strategic and project planning and historical environmental research. For 8 years she was the representative of King Island on the Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management Committee in the north-west of Tasmania. After moving to Melbourne in 2013 Eva started volunteering with us in 2015. She worked from home for the Science and Conservation Team, researching various types of information for our Priority Landscapes. She then updated the Properties Database and, in the process, learnt all about our reserves. She's edited the European history book of Boolcoomatta Reserve and is currently researching and writing an environmental and social history of Pilunga Reserve.

“Volunteering with Bush Heritage allows me to do work I love at home and for an organisation whose vision and values I share. I am looking forward to continuing my work with the Volunteer Advisory Committee, updating the Volunteer Engagement Strategy and working on diversifying the Volunteer Program.”

Sue Guinness (Vic)

Jessie Moyses

Sue worked in human resources and management consulting primarily focused in the areas of organisational change, and equal employment opportunity and diversity. Sue loves being in nature and observing our incredible wildlife. Subsequently Sue pursued her passion for wildlife and the environment and completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. Now retired, Sue is a long-time volunteer with a wide variety of experience having held a range of volunteer roles.

She co-founded and jointly ran the Repair Café Surf Coast for five years, was the Regional Coordinator for the Friends of the Hooded Plover Surf Coast for several years, working closely with volunteers and land managers, and educating the public. Sue has completed a range of fauna surveys, animal trapping, data collection and vegetation surveys as part of organisational biodiversity surveying and supporting academic research in remote locations.

Living in a small community and with an interest in health access and aged care she recently spent six years serving as a Board Director on a regional health service board. More recently, Sue has started supporting refugees in her area with English language classes.

“Volunteering is integral to the success of Bush Heritage achieving its goals, and it’s part of my DNA. I’m very excited to be part of the VAC and the Bush Heritage family, and to be able to advocate on behalf of volunteers and help promote and grow the success of the Bush Heritage volunteer program”

James Ross (ACT)

Joanne Flint

James has been a supporter of Bush Heritage for more than 20 years, and watched it grow with wonder and pride and excitement over that time. Initially just donations and some advocacy with family and friends, then volunteering mainly at Scottsdale Reserve. He also have some close links with Ngulamburra Reserve in Victoria.

Now semi-retired, he spent much of his career as a Medical Practitioner in the RAAF, now doing some Reserve work. He is a specialist in Occupational Medicine, Public Health Medicine and Aerospace Medicine, and had deployments in East Timor, Solomon Islands and several times in the Middle East. He has also been active with organisations such as Doctors for the Environment Australia and Royal Australasian College of Physicians, holding a number of volunteer management roles.

He have a great love of the natural environment and spends time bushwalking (just returned from the South Coast Track in the southern Tasmania wilderness). He lives in Canberra with his wife, Heather, who is also a keen BHA supporter and volunteer.

“I have so much love and respect for all that BHA stands for, and the enlightened and dedicated people who make it work, both employees and supporters. There is so much more to be done across society to meet our challenges, but engaging more deeply with Bush Heritage is a way for me to contribute to that change.”

Angela Fitzgerald (Qld)

Angela Fitzgerald

While a more recent volunteer with Bush Heritage, Ange has extensive experience volunteering locally and globally through programs, such as the Community Volunteer Scheme and Australian Volunteers for International Development. She's also spent a number of years volunteering as a Director on the Board of a science education-focused professional association. A focus on education and youth engagement is the common thread running through these opportunities, which is a direct response to Ange’s professional background. Her education-focused career has spanned two decades and has included being a classroom teacher, teacher educator, educational researcher and educational leader.

“For me, volunteering has always been a way to give back to my community. Being on the Volunteer Advisory Committee is an opportunity for me to actively inform how we can improve what we do to make the most difference we collectively can.”

Paul Bateman (NSW) 

Paul Bateman

Paul is a retired surveyor/site engineer who has worked in most states of Australia on some large construction projects. He enjoys being in the great outdoors, particularly our deserts, doing multi-day treks, kayaking and taking photos. Paul has been involved with us for about 6 years volunteering at Scottsdale, Goonderoo, Bon Bon and Pilungah reserves among others. He's enjoyed working with other volunteers and staff on tasks such as caretaking, fauna surveys, mapping, fence removal/building, general maintenance, tree planting as well as adventurous paddling for weed control. Paul has enjoyed presenting talks to help increase the awareness of what volunteers do. He is also involved with several other organisations working with volunteers.

“With Bush Heritage announcing it intends to deepen and double its impact to more than 30 million hectares by 2030, I'm excited to be involved in the VAC to help grow the volunteer programs to care for our country and for Bush Heritage to achieve its vision.”

Will Allan (ACT)

Will Allen

Will has been a Bush Heritage supporter for several years, including as a volunteer at Scottsdale Reserve and as a contributor to our health and safety procedures. Some of his other volunteer roles have included food rescue and distribution in the Canberra region and a management advisory role in an education aid project in Africa. Will had a public service career for many years in policy development and implementation, contributing to several social welfare reforms. He's also worked as a consultant providing risk management and other services in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, and has served on and supported the work of a number of corporate committees and boards.

“I love the variety of rewarding experiences that Bush Heritage volunteering provides, in the company of interesting, dedicated people from all walks of life. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to Bush Heritage’s important work and the legacy it's leaving for future generations.”
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