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Last updated 23 May 2016 

Frequently asked questions

What do I get when I order a WILDgift?

Both printed cards and e-cards can be previewed on screen before purchase.

Printed cards

You'll be sent a beautiful printed card with envelope. The front of the card will feature the photograph of the gift you’ve selected, while the inside describes the gift and leaves plenty of blank space for your personal message.


You have two choices:

  1. You can have the e-card emailed directly to your friend or family member. The e-card will feature the photograph of the gift you’ve selected, and will include your personal message and a brief description of the gift.
  2. You can email the e-card emailed to yourself so you can add your message and forward it to your recipient from your own email address when you’re ready. This is a great choice if you want to make your purchase now, but deliver it later.

Please note that e-cards are designed for optimal viewing on screen and not for printing.

Should I get an e-card or printed card?

It’s your choice entirely, but e-cards save us time, money and paper so your donation goes further. An e-card is also the better option if it needs to reach its destination quickly.

On the other hand, the printed cards let you hand-write a message and deliver the gift personally.

Where does my donation go?

Everything on our gift list represents a real need at Bush Heritage, but to ensure your gift has maximum impact, we’ll use it where it's needed most across a range of projects that your gift represents. So whichever gift you choose, you can be confident you're making a real difference.

When will I receive my gift cards?

You should receive your gift cards within a week, but please allow 8 days for delivery, especially around peak times like Hanukkah and Christmas. We can't guarantee timely delivery of gift cards for orders made between 10 December and 15 January. However, e-cards are immediate and available throughout the year.

Is my donation tax deductible?

All WILDgift orders are tax-deductible within Australia. A receipt will be posted to you shortly after your purchase, so please be careful to check you’ve entered your address details correctly.

Can the receipt be issued in the name of the recipient?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. For legal reasons, we're only permitted to issue receipts in the name of the person or organisation that makes the payment.

Are my details secure?

We use a secure online payment system, so yes, your details are protected. We also take your privacy seriously; please view our privacy policy if you'd like to know more.

What if I need help?

Call 1300 NATURE (1300 628 873) or email and we’ll be only too happy to help!

Note: Print cards ordered the week before Christmas won't be delivered 'til New Year. E-cards are emailed immediately.

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