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The night sky over Edgbaston Reserve. Photo Annette Ruzicka.
The night sky over Edgbaston Reserve. Photo Annette Ruzicka.

Bush Nights

During 2020 Bush Nights events brought the bush to the 'burbs, and remotely to people's homes, through personal stories.

Stories have been connecting, inspiring and provoking us since the dawn of humanity. They have the power to transport us to a different time and place and can help us see the world through another’s eyes.

BushNights Smoke Stories

Smoke stories

August 2020
Long after the prolonged heat of an Australian summer or bushfire season has passed, the smell of smoke still lingers as we try to envisage a way forward out of rising temperatures and more catastrophic weather events.

Fire has shaped the evolution of our landscapes and native species over millions of years. And, when managed the right way, it has and continues to be an important tool to maintain plant and animal species and prevent large-scale destructive wildfires. Speaking were Victor Steffensen (Indigenous fire practitioner and author of Fire Country), Alice Bishop (author of A Constant Hum – a collection of short stories about the Black Saturday bushfires), Doug Gimesy (acclaimed wildlife photographer) and our very own Cissy Gore-Birch!

BushTracks Winter 2020

Stories from the water

February 2020
The first of the series, ‘Stories from the water’ featured CliFi author Alice Robinson, expert in Indigenous knowledges Tyson Yunkaporta, water lawyer Rebecca Nelson and Indigenous water scientist Bradley Moggridge sharing personal stories. We were also joined by special musical guests The Orbweavers.

These were stories of rejuvenation, fish and tides, floods and pouring rain, of what happens when the rains come, and when the water runs out.

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