Kids' Activity Packs

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Volume 3 

  • attract lizards into your garden and meet a Tassie Devil – the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world!
  • make your own summer rainbow or cook some campfire damper
  • learn about migratory birds
  • impress friends with your wildlife tech skills
  • complete a possum maze and more cute colouring!

Volume 2 

Discover all that's weird and wonderful about Thorny Devils (they have 'pretend' heads, can absorb water through their bodies, change colour and have a very strange walk).

Play dirt-track detective by matching footprints to animals that left them, then look for native residents in our mega word search.

Ecologist Alana De Laive responds to a reader question and there's more colouring and a Koala face mask to be made!

Volume 1

Meet a master of disguise – the Tawny Frogmouth

We also invite kids to come on Poo Patrol with us and discover what we can learn from animal droppings about their habitat, health and diet. There's a quick quiz to help us match that scat! 

You can also create an origami copy of an endangered parrot, bring a Burrowing Bettong to life and add colour to some native animals.