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Activity pack archive

Each school holidays we’ll have an Activity Pack to download with ideas for exploring in nature, content for learning about native animals, recipes, games and more!

Volume 10

Start with a wildflower word search, and lots about the wonderful flowers at Eurardy Reserve in Western Australia. Learn about how we work with conservation dogs and discover the Garma Festival that happens each year in the Northern Territory. Learn how we’re using cool burning to save the endangered New Holland Mouse and everything you could want to know about Budgerigars.

Volume 9

Meet your native neighbours. You can help them by creating more habitat in your own backyard or on your balcony. Find out how one lucky Thorny Devil has been rescued, learn all about Cockatoos and try our animal mix and match. Which animals do you think would be good mixed together? What would you call your new creature?

Volume 8

Help a goanna on an egg hunt, learn how to bird watch and enjoy some egg-cellent Easter jokes! We discover how frogs survive in the desert, learn all about Koalas and meet Shelly the travelling turtle, who was tracked swimming over 2,600km! Activities include creating your own Autumn leaves and adding some colour to beautiful Tree Frog and Tasmanian Devil illustrations.

Volume 7

Discover just how far a kangaroo can hop and learn all about echidnas – Australia's most widespread native mammals. Outdoors in Summer there's lots to do – make a backyard sundial, a bush cubby or conduct a scientific insect audit. Our partners explain how fire is sometimes used in a special way to protect their Country and there's a Word Search, colouring and more!

Volume 6

Springtime means flowers, which attract an important species to our gardens – bees! Create your own bee shelter or tree frog hotel. You can also learn more about the most acrobatic of our small mammals – gliders. We revise the art of making daisy chains, you can unscramble code words, enjoy some jokes or add some spring colours to a butterfly or Rainbow Lorikeet. 

Volume 5

It’s dark nice and early in winter so there’s more time to look up at the stars – let's go star gazing! We'll also introduce an amazing science experiment in which you'll witness walking water, make some sock puppets, there's a mega crossword, more jokes, colouring and fun facts. Meet the dancing Brolga and learn how our partners are helping to protect the Bilby.   

Volume 4 

In Northern Australia some cheeky birds use fire as a tool for hunting. You'll also learn more about the unique and amazing Platypus and some of the secrets to keeping fish happy – even in the desert! Experiment with creating your own nutrient-rich soil, unscramble some species names, match jokes with their punchlines and bring some colouring pages to life. 

Volume 3 

Learn how to attract lizards to your backyard and meet a Tassie Devil – the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world! Experiment with making a real-life rainbow and get a recipe for cooking campfire damper. You'll also learn about migratory birds, impress friends with your new-found wildlife tech skills, complete a possum maze and colour some more creatures!

Volume 2 

Discover all that's weird and wonderful about Thorny Devils (they have 'pretend' heads, can absorb water through their bodies, change colour and have a very strange walk). Play dirt-track detective by matching footprints to animals that left them, then look for native residents in our mega word search. Ecologist Alana De Laive responds to a reader question and there's more colouring and a Koala face mask to be made!

Volume 1

Meet a master of disguise – the Tawny Frogmouth. We also invite kids to come on Poo Patrol with us and discover what we can learn from animal droppings about their habitat, health and diet. There's a quick quiz to help us match that scat! You can also create an origami copy of an endangered parrot, bring a Burrowing Bettong to life and add colour to some native animals.