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Daisy chains

Spring means wildflowers and on our reserves all around Australia many places will be absolutely carpeted in beautiful colours.

Many local parks and backyards will also be in bloom, which makes spring the perfect time to dust off your skills at making Daisy chains!

Australia has many native daisies, but of course, this will work with many other wildflowers as well. Be considerate when collecting flowers but don’t worry too much about most daisies. Many of the world’s 25,000 daisy species are considered weeds, so picking a few flowers will do no harm.

Picking daisies. Photo Jill Wellingston (Pexels).

What you’ll need:

  • Pick some long-stemmed wildflowers.
  • Remove any excess leaves from the stem. (Pinch the top just below the flower head and run your fingers down the stem, pulling off any additional growth.)
  • Use scissors to trim the flowers to equal length.
  • This is the only tricky bit! Using your fingernail make a small slit in the middle of the stem.
  • Next, grab another flower and thread it through the slit, right up until the flower head stops you going further.
  • Then repeat and take the flower you just threaded and make a small slit in the stem to thread another.
  • To make the final link in your chain, you’ll have to make a slightly larger slit that’s just big enough to carefully squeeze the flower head from the first flower through, linking everything into a circle.