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Bringing Alwal home

Published 15 Mar 2017 

Bringing Alwal Home

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We're supporting Olkola to undertake a landscape-scale habitat improvement project for the Golden-shouldered Parrot, which is an absolutely beautiful small species of parrot that lives in Cape York, Queensland.

The males are absolutely beautiful, they're turquoise with a black crown and the most amazing golden shoulders – hence the name – and the females are a lovely olive green color with a turquoise rump.

They nest in conical termite mounds, and you'll most likely see the male's sitting on top, keeping watch while the mum ducks inside to care for the chicks and eggs. The parrot is also really special because it is extremely important to the Olkola people - it's one of their totems, and so with that comes an immense cultural responsibility to care for the parrot and its story place.

So the main problem is that over the last 150 years there's been changed land use in this area and changed fire regimes. And the issue that's impacting the parrot is something called woody thickening, which is actually a problem across most of North Australia. So this is a problem where Ti Tree is starting to invade the flats that Alwal depends on.

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