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Arafura Swamp Healthy Country Planning

Published 04 Nov 2017 

Arafura Swamp Healthy Country Planning

The Arafura Swamp Rangers Aboriginal Corporation (ASRAC) recently launched their 10-year Healthy Country Plan, with support from Bush Heritage Australia, to protect Aboriginal culture, knowledge and ecosystems across 1.2 million hectares of East Arnhem Land.

The Arafura Swamp is a vast wetland system and surrounding landscapes include waterways, forests, rocky escarpments and coastal ecosystems. Bush Heritage, Charles Darwin University and the Northern Land Council have been supporting them in their efforts to bring together traditional knowledge and science in creating the plan.

“For our people, land, culture and country are never separate. Bringing many partners together to protect our law and culture is really important,” says ASRAC Chair Otto Bulmaniya Campion.

Aboriginal partnerships are a growing part of our national conservation strategy. We're extremely privileged to be working with Yolngu and Bi Traditional Owners and ranger groups in helping them keep their country healthy and cultural heritage protected. More on our Arafura Swamp partnership work.

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