Blues for the Bush 2014

Published 14 Oct 2014 

Blues for the Bush 2014

Following on from the inaugural Open Day and concert last year, the 2014 Blues for the Bush event was back and better than ever in 2014. Bush Heritage and the Perenjori Shire welcomed a crowd of locals and travellers a like onto our Charles Darwin Reserve in Western Australia, on Saturday 4 October, 2014.


Blues for the Bush is all about the environmental future.

Blues for the Bush is all about Perenjori.

Blues for the Bush is all about getting down in nature... educating through the arts... connecting community with the land... and music! In the bush. Blues in the Bush.

Theaka Von Ziarno (Creative Director): So entertainment this year, we've got the open day program, which is all about accessibility. And there's been wonderful cherry picking and quality control over everything from what food is available to the entertainment. We've got international circus performers fresh from Burning Man, Glastonbery and Edinborough so we're bringing that culture and we're linking up this place in the bush with the best festivals of the world. So we've gone accessible, excellent, functional, with finesse.

  • Art and culture
  • Free family open day
  • Guest speakers and panel discussions
  • Learning and workshops
  • Badimaya country and culture
  • Conservation and landscape management.

Simon Sandover (Mt Gibson Iron): It brings the community together. The community as a whole, can participate in a whole range of aspects associated with this land.

The conservation community, the farming community and the mining companies all working together to present what's essentially an entertainment event.

It's a very special place to be, I feel very privileged to be part of it.

The cups of tea have been very generous, we've got tin mugs, the lamingtons rocked!

There's a real sense of community here and coming across from Melbourne, it's really nice to see that.

It's a top quality, amazing line-up and we're pretty lucky to get this calibre of performers out here in the bush.

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