Bob Brown talks about Oura Oura

Published 14 Jun 2011 

Bob Brown talks about Oura Oura

Bob Brown: It was pure luck that I drove up here on 17th November 1973 and asked old Frank Page - well he wasn't so old then - down the road, while he was putting his cows across the road, if there was any places for sale. He said 'Oh just the old house up the road.' Anyway, to cut a long story short, here we all are some 40 years later, and what a wonderful 40 years it has been.

Doug Humann: I'm on Oura Oura Reserve, Bush Heritage's 33rd property and  we've just received this gift of land from Bob Brown. A really inspirational gift.

Bob Brown: This place has been my anchor and my steady point and it was fortunately geographically near the centre of Tasmania. So it did become a central meeting place for Greenies in beanies. And that's why I'm so happy that Bush Heritage has taken on the gift and the responsibility. 

Bush Heritage is a fantastic organisation. It's got this million hectares, and more than a million more in Australia. Where nature, which makes us what we are, can thrive and be secure against all the threats there are in our age.

It's just lovely that Bush Heritage has become this organisation that we can give into and get so much more out of. This place houses my own soul. It's with me everywhere that I go, and  it always will be.

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