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Working through the COVID-19 pandemic

Published 02 Apr 2020 

Working through Covid-19

Bush Heritage CEO, Heather Campbell: It is amazing and incredibly challenging times that we're currently living in but please rest assured all of the team are out there in the field and behind the scenes and they continue to help protect Australia's amazing ecosystems and wildlife.

For many of our staff out on reserves this is just business as usual. They are used to being in isolation and they are continuing on to do that fantastic work, protecting those amazing landscapes and wildlife that we love so much.

In our partnerships areas you may be aware that there are restrictions to make sure that Aboriginal communities and other communities remain healthy. We are abiding by all of these and working with those communities virtually. For the office staff we are all working from home.

Unfortunately one of the things we have had to do is close off our reserves to visitors. We know that that's going to be really disappointing for many of you, but it's about protecting all of you and our staff, and as soon as we're able to open that up again we'll be letting you know.

Thank you so much for your messages of support and for the support that you've provided in lots of different ways over the last months, as we went through bush fires as we're going through the current challenges. Without your help we couldn't do what we do.

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