From Tassie to Tarcutta Hills

Published 03 Sep 2018 


Tarcutta Hills Reserve is owned by Bush Heritage Australia. It's situated about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne on the Hume Highway.

It's about 450 hectares of land. Home also to the Swift Parrot, which is a Critically Endangered species. It migrates from Tasmania, right up into Victoria and NSW and this patch of land is really important habitat for it, when the Whitebox and then the Ironbark are in flower.

As climate change starts to really kick in, we expect that some of the eucalypt species here, for instance, will start to decline and so by planting a different provenance of that species here we should be able to future proof this reserve.

These iconic species such as the Swift Parrot and the Brown Treecreeper and the Diamond Firetail, if they disappear from these areas, I think that would be really disappointing to see that in our lifetime.

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