Your Impact in 2019-20

Published 15 Jun 2020 

June 2019 to June 2020 was a big year for Bush Heritage Australia. Here's a look back at some of the year's conservation milestones made possible by YOU, our supporters.

Your Impact in 2019-20

July 2019: We launched our partnership with the Karajarri Rangers.

August 2019: Hundreds of thousands of seeds and seedlings planted as part of our Climate Ready project at Nardoo Hills.

September 2019: Our biggest ever revegetation project at Eurardy Reserve, in partnership with Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund.

November 2019:  Breeding pairs of Mallefowl at our Fitz-Stirling Reserves, thanks to our successful revegetation work.

Dec 2019-Jan 2020: We fought fires across seven of our reserves, with significant impacts.

Jan 2020: The biggest rainfall event in ten years at Bon Bon Reserve.

Feb 2020: A welcome visitor at Scottsdale Reserve post bushfires.

March 2020: Dry flooding at Naree Station Reserve.

April 2020: Mareeba Rock Wallabies bounced back after the bushfires at Yourka Reserve.

May 2020: Bushfire recovery, including extensive monitoring and short term actions implemented ...

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