Introducing Bush Heritage Australia

Published 15 Feb 2015 

Introducing Bush Heritage Australia

This 6-minute video is an introduction to who we are and what we do. Learn about our history, our mission and our strategy. Discover some of our reserves around Australia and hear from our leaders and dedicated reserve managers and ecologists from across the country.

Video credits

Produced by Reimagine Films

Photo credits

Pioneer settler woman and children – The Powerhouse Museum Collection

Burnt forest and tree stumps during clearing of new farmland, Maroon, 1900 – State Library of Queensland

Cattle coming in to water – The Powerhouse Museum Collection

Rabbits at Wardang Island, 1938 – National Archives of Australia

Sheep drafting yards – The Powerhouse Museum Collection

Swift parrot – by Chris Tzaros

Tasmanian Devil – by Jiri Lochman / Lochman Transparencies

Northern quoll – by Jiri Lochman / Lochman Transparencies

Angela Saunders and Libby Sandiford at a Gondwana Link property – by Jessica Wyld

Luke Bayley and Tim Doherty at Charles Darwin Reserve – by Annette Ruzicka

Hands planting seedling – by Jesica Wyld

Dr Jim Radford and volunteer recording data at the Boolcoomatta fauna survey – by Annette Ruzicka

Mareeba Rock Wallaby – by Jiri Lochman / Lochman Transparencies

Wunambal Gaambera Uunguu Rangers during fire walk – by Steve Heggie

Naree Station and Boolcoomatta Station Reserve fauna and flora survey teams at work – by Craig Allen

Bush Heritage partners Bill and Jane Thompson at Yarraweyah Falls – by Jessica Wyld

Dr Jim Radford at Boolcoomatta Reserve – by Peter Morris

Video credits

'Jila' / Painted waters of the Great Sandy Desert (performed by Spider Snell)filmed by rebel films

Wetlands at sunset, emus, kangaroos and fauna survey team at Naree Station Reserve – by Sasha Ettinger-Epstein

Boolcoomatta Reserve landscape – by Boris Hlavica

Creek on Wunambal Gaambera country – by Parks Australia

Dingo, Goanna, Stripe faced dunnart – by Tribal Media Makers

Cravens Peak homestead from the air and Cravens Peak Reserve landscape – by Tribal Media Makers

Dr Sandy Gilmore, galahs and bearded dragon at Boolcoomatta Station Reserve on Boolcoomatta – by Sasha Ettinger-Epstein

Tasmanian midlands and Dr Matt Appleby – by Mathew Newton

Yourka Reserve managers Paul and Leanne Hales – by Craig Allen

Wunambal Gaambera elder Jason Adams and aerial footage of Wunambal Gaambera country – by Parks Australia

Ian Landon-Smith, Bush Heritage donor – by Tribal Media Makers

Yourka waterways – by Tribal Media Makers

Starscape – by Annette Stewart

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