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Introducing the Fitz-Stirling Reserves

Published 14 Feb 2023

The extraordinary floral biodiversity in Western Austraia's southwest botanical province supports an array of wonderfully unusual fauna, including the Honey Possum, Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo and Malleefowl.

Unfortunately, much of the area happens to sit within Western Austraia's wheatbelt, which has led to large scale land clearing. In our new film, join the southwest WA team on Bush Heritage’s Fitz-Stirling Reserves, Koreng Noongar Country, for a morning of fauna monitoring, as they celebrate the successes of their Fauna Recovery Project, and meet some amazing (cute!) aninmals.

Forming part of the Gondwana Link project, the Fitz-Stirling’s are an important example of a ‘reconnection landscape’ under our Priority Landscapes framework, which is how we identify the landscapes where we can make the biggest difference. 

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