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The Chase: Back from the Dead

Published 12 Feb 2019 

Chasing the Night Parrot

Few people have heard it. Even fewer have seen it. The Night Parrot’s elusiveness is legendary.

In The Chase, a special ABC Radio National science series, Off Track presenter Dr Ann Jones visits our Pullen Pullen Reserve and heads out with one of our Aboriginal partners, the Biriiliburu rangers, on country in Western Australia to join the search for this incredible bird.

“Trying to record the calls of the Night Parrot for myself on a limited time frame was one of the biggest challenges of my sound recording career,” Ann said. 

“Sitting in the spinifex on Pullen Pullen I could hear the sound of breathing clearly with my huge parabolic microphone, but when the Night Parrots whistled I could barely detect them, let alone identify which bit of spinifex they were coming from. 

“Like so many of Australia’s secretive animals and rare plants, the bird itself is fascinating, but it was the people who made this story – and what a group of people it is that look after the Night Parrot.”

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