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Plains-wanderer sighting at Boolcoomatta

They're small, well-camouflaged and there's estimated to be less than 1,000 remaining in the wild. So imagine our surprise when last week our Arid Rangelands ecologist Graeme Finlayson spotted not one, not two, but THREE critically endangered Plains-wanderer birds while driving around our Boolcoomatta Reserve!

Sadly, this genetically unique little bird is number 6 on the Threteaned Species Recovery Hub official list of 20 native Australia birds most at risk of excinction over the next 20 years

We set up a 'Song meters' monitoring project on Boolcomatta late last year to listen for the calls of the Plains-wanderer in the hopes of discovering where the birds are located on the reserve and how they're using the landscape. We'll keep you posted on the results as this project progresses.

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