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Pullen Pullen Special Wildlife Reserve

Published 23 Sep 2020 

Pullen Pullen Reserve on Maiawali country in western Queensland has become Australia’s first ever Special Wildlife Reserve.

This new class of protected area, legislated by the Queensland Government, provides national park level protections to privately owned or managed nature reserves like Pullen Pullen.

In doing so, it ensures the ongoing survival of Pullen Pullen’s population of Night Parrots, one of Australia’s most endangered and elusive birds.

Since purchasing the reserve in 2016 following the rediscovery of the Night Parrot in 2013, we have worked tirelessly to give the critically endangered species a fighting chance for survival.

Actions we have taken include implementing feral predator control and fire management across the reserve, working closely with researchers and scientists and trialling innovative technology for the Night Parrot’s protection

We extend our thanks to the Maiawali Traditional Owners, who are working to identify and conserve Pullen Pullen’s significant cultural heritage.

And to you - thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Without it, our work at Pullen Pullen and around the country wouldn’t be possible.

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