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Pullen Pullen - the Night Parrot Reserve

Published 18 Apr 2016 

Pullen Pullen - the Night Parrot Reserve

The world's first Night Parrot sanctuary is to be named Pullen Pullen Reserve - a 56,000-hectare property in western Queensland - where the only known population of this bird exists.

The “bad lands” spinifex is an ideal habitat for this ground-dwelling parrot, whose biggest known threats are feral cats. In an effort to protect this mysterious species, Bush Heritage has been working with leading researchers, trap developers and dog handlers to limit the danger posed by cats who have proven to be highly intelligent creatures.

Using a mixture of breakthrough technology, thermal image scopes, grooming traps and scent-detection dogs, Bush Heritage aims to ensure Pullen Pullen Reserve is truly a sanctuary for the recovery and survival of this elusive bird.

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