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Why we're celebrating 2020

Published 18 Dec 2020 

2020 – what a phenomenal year that none of us expected.

First we had the Black Summer and the amazing amount of grief, and just the impact across Australia. To see the land tortured so much, and communities in a state of despair.

We just thought we were getting over that and along comes a global pandemic and how much of an impact that really had on everybody.

But through all of this I was buoyed by the stories of hope and resilience from all over Australia. From our field staff, who continue to do the work out on the reserves, from the Traditional Owners who we work with who kept their communities safe while continuing to do the work on the land. And our office-based staff, often working from home with a pet at their feet or trying to juggle home-schooling, which I can attest is not the way to go!

Through all of that there was a sense of hope and that we can get through it and we were very much supported by all of you – our volunteers, our donors – you made it all possible.

So a huge thank you from everybody at Bush Heritage. It has been a phenomenal year.

We have learnt resilience. We continue to have hope and through the summer, please stay safe. Enjoy the time with friends and family and get out into the Australian bush and enjoy the wonders that we love so much.

Thank-you for all of your help.