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Right-way fire

Published 10 Aug 2020 

Right-way Fire

Fire has the power to harm the land but also to heal the land. Our people have been listening and watching how fires move across Australia for more than 60 000 years.

We have so much to teach the world about how to manage fire. The recent bushfire crisis has been devastating for all Australians. More than 18 million hectares of our country has been burnt. More than one billion animals have been impacted by the recent fires. As the original custodians of this land, that really hurts us deeply.

Right-way fire is burning country at the right time, in the right conditions to encourage regrowth and regeneration. Lots of Australian ecosystems need fire for new life, but it needs to be the right-way fire.

In a lot of places we can't do right-way fire anymore, because we don't have access to country, the cities are getting bigger, and most people don't understand fire.

As the world gets hotter and drier and our bushfire seasons become more intense, our traditional knowledge will show us a way forward.

If fire is done the right way, country will look after us, our plants, our animals and their habitats.

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