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Saving Honey Possums

Published 15 Jun 2018 

Saving Honey Possums

The Honey Possum (Tarsipes rostratus)

The Honey Possum is essential to the floristic distribution of south-west Western Australia. This tiny mammal is as small as your thumb and is the world's only marsupial dependent on nectar as its food source. As it moves from flower to flower eating nectar, pollen becomes attached to the Honey Possum's fur. Then when it moves on to other plants to feed, some of the pollen may be transferred, pollinating plants and allowing them to reproduce.

As a keystone species and pollinator, the Honey Possum is critical to the reproduction of the flower species on which it feeds. Australia has the highest number of plant species pollinated by birds and mammals in the world. Due to its size and shape, the Honey Possum is a key part of the fertilisation process for many plant species.

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