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Saving the Night Parrot

Published 10 Aug 2015 

Saving the Night Parrot

Together, we can save the Night Parrot. Please donate to support this work.

With the recent discovery of the only known population of Night Parrots left in the world, we have a second chance to ensure the survival of this unique and remarkable species.

While little is known about the mysterious Night Parrot, no more than 100 individuals are thought to remain. We must move quickly to save it.

The most immediate threat is uncontrolled feral cats prowling their habitat – being both nocturnal and ground-dwelling, the Night Parrot is vulnerable to predation.

If we're to haul it back from the brink of extinction, a recovery team must be on the ground now, implementing feral animal control as a matter of urgency. We'll also need to develop a fire management plan before summer, and tackle the issue of human disturbance – the other main risk to the bird’s future.

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