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Searching for quolls on Yourka Reserve


Dr Rebecca SpindlerSo the story of the quolls on Yourka is a really fascinating one. We understand from local researchers and experts in the area that this should be perfect Quoll habitat but we haven't seen them. So we're going out and doing really specific investigations including training dogs to look for Quoll scat.

If we find that there are no quolls on Yourka, that gives us a really good clue that we need to work a little bit harder to make it the perfect habitat.

Bush Heritage works with many people at all levels around Australia and fundamentally what we're asking our supporters to do, is come with us. Come help us protect the quoll.

The quoll is telling us a story and we're seeing all around Australia that the multiple threats that they're facing are sending them in the wrong direction. We have to protect the quolls' last stronghold, so they can hold strong against extinction.

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