Thank-you for supporting our Winter Appeal 2020

Published 05 Aug 2020 

Thank-you for supporting our Winter Appeal 2020

Heather Campbell (CEO): When I put a call out to you at the end of the financial year, in what was one of the strangest and most challenging periods in recent history, the response we received from you, our supporters, was overwhelming.

We like many of you, were deeply affected by the summer bushfires. We saw the devastation and burnt landscapes across several of our reserves.

In the aftermath, as we assessed the damage and witnessed the bush's remarkable resilience it brought home just how important and essential our ongoing land management is.

It was starkly apparent that we needed to upscale our work to protect our remaining reserves, which now act as important nature refuges for native animals affected in the fires. Because of your incredible support we were able to meet our ambitious fundraising target. Thank you so much. 

You'll be pleased to know that work is already underway to protect the native species that need our help. Your support has enabled us to continue the next steps of our recovery plan. In the coming months we will be extending our weed management, increasing our feral animal control, enhancing our ecological monitoring and continuing to support and learn from Traditional Owners. And also enhancing our fire management project.

Your donation has been extremely, extraordinarily generous and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and you give me hope for the future of our native species.

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