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Building the Michael Tichbon Field Station

Published 30 Nov 2018 

Building the Michael Tichbon Field Station

The Michael Tichbon Field Station has been built at our Red Moort Reserve, in south-west WA. We've been working in this landscape for over 15 years, focused on the 100km stretch between the Fitzgerald River and Stirling Range national parks. Today, we own and help manage more than 10,000 hectares in the Fitz-Stirling region, and have reconnected about 70km of that 100km stretch already.

The new field station will:

  • allow us to expand our highly successful ecological restoration, which has already resulted in the revegetation of hundreds of hectares and seen the return of Honey Possums, Pygmy Possums, Malleefowl and Black-gloved Wallabies to what were once bare paddocks.
  • facilitate more research into the species and landscapes under our care by providing scientists with access to comfortable sleeping quarters, a wet lab, internet access and cooking facilities in the heart of one of Australia’s biodiversity hotspots.
  • increase our management capacity so we can look at acquiring new reserves and partnering with other landholders.
  • serve as an educational and visitor base for volunteers, local community members, prospective partners and students so we can continue to engage and inspire people to return the bush to good health. 

Thank you to the support of Michael Tichbon and LotteryWest for their generous support for this project.

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