We offer a series of live webinars to introduce supporters to key people and projects around Australia. See our upcoming events page to check for upcoming webinars and register to attend. Below you can catch up with recent presentations.

Climate Change in Australia

With Bush Heritage Board President Sue O’Connor – 15 September 2020

Climate Change is having profound impacts on Australia and the world. How do we as individuals, communities and organisations lean in the meet these challenges? In this webinar, Sue focusses on the food, land and water impacts of Climate Change. We must accelerate building Australia’s climate change resilience and transition to a low carbon future. Sue will provide some examples of how individuals and organisations are taking action.

How Do You Save a Critical Landscape?

With Bush Heritage Aboriginal Engagement Manager Chontarle Bellottie, and Ecologist, Angela Sanders – 29 September 2020

Chontarle talks about the layers of culture that exists within landscapes.  She speaks about cultural landscapes, personal stories about totemic relationships, and the importance of connection to country. Angela talks about the science and alchemy behind protecting critical landscapes and habitats by illustrating the science and research (particularly at Monjebup) that has occurred recently.

Protecting Habitat for Species in Australia

With Professor Sarah Bekessy and Bush Heritage CEO Heather Campbell – 17 September 2020

Sarah Bekessy is a member of the Bush Heritage board. She also leads the ICON Science research group at RMIT with interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex biodiversity conservation problems. Her areas of focus include understanding human behaviour in conservation and designing cities for ‘every day nature’ experiences.

How Scottsdale contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

With Jody Gunn, Executive Manager for South East Australia, Phil Palmer, Reserve Manager at Scottsdale, and Frank and Ann Ingerwersen, supporters and long-term volunteers – 15 September 2020

Scottsdale Reserve is on the lands of the Ngunawal people, just 45 minutes south of Canberra. This unique property is home to many rare animals and some of Australia’s most threatened temperate ecosystems: endangered grassy box woodlands and temperate grasslands. To add to its magic and ecological significance, wrapped around it is the magnificent Murrumbidgee River.

A year of impact

12 August 2020: Each year we release our Impact Report. In this webinar our President Chris Grubb, CEO Heather Campbell and Head of Science and Conservation Dr Rebecca Spindler discuss our achievements and conservation highlights from the 2019–20 financial year.

How Bon Bon Station contributes to United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

With Luke Bayley, Executive Manager West and South Australia, Clint Taylor, Reserve Manager at Bon Bon, and Meredith and Tony Geyer, volunteers and supporters based in South Australia: 29 July 2020

Bon Bon is a former sheep station in the Stony Plains and Gawler Bioregions of South Australia. It's a massive property – at 70km long and 30km across it's roughly the size of Sydney. Hear from our staff on the ground about work on the reserve and how it contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Rising to the (bushfire) Challenge Together

With Dr Rebecca Spindler and Richard Geddes: 19 June 2020

Dr Rebecca Spindler is our Executive Manager, Science and Conservation and Richard Geddes is our National Fire Manager. Share an overview of bushfire damage across Australia, learnings from the most recent fire season, and a discussion on the importance of fire preparedness in readiness for next summer. Be inspired to get back up, get involved, renew our efforts, and rise to the challenge in front of us… together. 

Sustainable Development Goals

With Dr Garry McDonald: 19 May 2020

Dr Garry McDonald is a research entomologist, Bush Heritage volunteer, and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He provides an in-depth look at his work on the Nardoo Hills Climate Ready Revegetation Project; a response to the die-back of Eucalypt species within the Kara Kara Wedderburn region of Victoria.

Australia's role in the global extinction crisis

With Professor Brendan Wintle: 6 May 2020

Brendan is Professor of Conservation Ecology at the University of Melbourne and Director of Australia’s NESP Threatened Species Recovery Research Hub. He provides a summary of the global extinction crisis, including Australia’s prominent and expanding role and the effect of recent bushfires. We also look at co-designing and implementing solutions with private land conservation organisations, Indigenous land managers, developers, and governments.

Hope and resilience in uncertain times

With Richard McLellan: 23 April 2020

Richard McLellan is former CEO of Northern Agricultural Catchments Council and long-term Bush Heritage volunteer. We'll be hearing about his work on our West Australian reserves.