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Sunlight through Tarcutta woodlands. Photo Annette Ruzicka.
Sunlight through Tarcutta woodlands. Photo Annette Ruzicka.

Webinar: Climate change resilience

Live from Tarcutta Reserve

Published 13 Oct 2023

In this webinar, live from Tarcutta Reserve, our National Fire Program Manager, Rhys Swain, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Manager, Vikki Parsley and Healthy Landscape Manager, Paul Hales, chat about managing our reserves to create bushfire-resilient landscapes and preparing for a high‑risk fire season.

Our presenters

Paul Hales

Paul Hales

Healthy Country Manager

Rhys Swain

Rhys Swain

National Fire Program Manager

Vikky Parsley

Vikky Parsley

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Manager

Portrait of Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor


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Webinar: NAIDOC Week Yarning Circle 2024

Join us for a yarn about Bush Heritage's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, and this year's NAIDOC theme - 'Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud'.

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Bush Broadcast 'Deep Dive'


Webinar: Dodgey Downs

Find out about an incredible opportunity to connect our neighbouring conservation reserves, Red Moort and Monjebup, and reconnect fragmented landscape in Koreng Noongar Country, Southwest Western Australia.

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Science Superstars


Science superstars 2024

On the eve of National Careers Week, senior secondary students were invited to join us for this virtual event. Staff presenting the webinar talked about career pathways and opportunities in the field of environmental science and conservation.

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Bush Broadcast 'Deep Dive'


Hollow dependent fauna at Bush Heritage Victorian reserves

Check out our Bush Broadcast 'Deep Dive' webinar, where we explore the world of 'Hollow dependent fauna at Bush Heritage Victorian reserves'.

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Woodland bird. Bush Broadcast.


Webinar: Nardoo Hills turns 20

Victoria has cleared over 80% of its woodlands. In the face of that destruction, 20 years ago Bush Heritage managed to secure critical patches of temperate woodlands within Nardoo Hills, which have been cared for ever since. It’s a beautiful milestone and a cause for celebration.

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Tree in arid landscape.


Evelyn Downs webinar

In-depth discussion of our campaign to buy Evelyn Downs in South Australia's Painted Desert. This spectacular property will provide habitat for over 60 species of conservation significance.

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Bush Broadcast: Live from Boolcoomatta


Webinar: Climate change resilience

Live from Tarcutta Reserve (NSW) where staff on the ground will discuss managing our reserves to create bushfire-resilient landscapes.

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Bush Broadcast: Live from Boolcoomatta. Photo by Wayne Lawler


Webinar: Live from Boolcoomatta

Join field staff and researchers working in South Australia's arid rangelands, as they chat about protecting this unique landscape and the Plains Wanderer.

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For our Elders: NAIDOC week theme 2023


NAIDOC week webinar 2023

Join our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff as they have a yarn about this year's NAIDOC Week theme 'For Our Elders'.

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Bush Broadcast Live from Edgbaston


Live from Edgbaston

Join staff, Jo Axford, Dean Gilligan and Tony Mayo, as they chat about the interlocking conservation measures protecting this unique landscape and its species.

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Webinar: Wrapping up 2022


Bush Heritage 101

Join Bush Heritage Australia's Heather Campbell, Dr Rebecca Spindler and Vikki Parsley for this new webinar, and an opportunity to ask lots of questions!

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Webinar: Wrapping up 2022


Wrapping up 2022

It's been a big year in the conservation space in so many ways! At an organisation level, our team has been working harder than ever, including the acquisition of five new reserves.

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Webinar: Technology in conservation


Technology in conservation

From camera traps to satellites and drones, to song meters and eco-acoustics, technology has become an essential component of biodiversity conservation, enabling more effective data collection, enhanced management decision-making, and targeted monitoring to measure impact.

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Webinar: Valuing culture


Valuing culture

Our staff work hand in hand with Traditional Owners to ensure their aspirations, values and cultural complexities are heard, understood and embedded into our work.

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Webinar: Ecological monitoring


Ecological monitoring

Join Clair Dougherty and Vanessa Westcott as they discuss our conservation management process, biodiversity indicators and why ecological insight is the foundation for our work.

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Webinar: Creating climate resilience


Creating climate resilience

Rebecca Spindler and Vikki Parsley discuss blending multiple knowledge systems to provide the evidence base for addressing climate change.

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Electro-fishing on the Murrumbidgee River.


Bush Broadcast: Bringing native fish back to our rivers

Join our special guests as they showcase an exciting project that supports the endangered Macquarie Perch in the Upper Murrumbidgee River.

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The Night Parrot.


Bush Broadcast: Protecting the Night Parrot at Pullen Pullen

Join our staff as they chat about the work undertaken to protect this rare and mysterious bird.

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Bush Broadcast logo


Bush Broadcast: Restoring the bush to protect native species

Join our staff as they chat about revegetation efforts underway to protect habitat critically important to native species in south-west WA.

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Alison and Chris Wilson at Carnarvon Reserve.


Seeds of Innovation at Carnarvon

Join Chris and Alison Wilson in this webinar to discuss harvesting native Bluegrass seed at Carnarvon Station Reserve and rehabilitating degraded grasslands.

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30 Year Anniversary


Celebrating 30 years

Looking back at 30 years of Bush Heritage's conservation work and looking forward to 2030.

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Volunteers weeding from kayaks.


Adventure & weed busting on the Murrumbidgee

In this hour-long webinar you'll hear from Paul Bateman who has been part of a volunteer project controlling weeds along the Murrumbidgee River.

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Natural Capital in Agriculture.


Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting

Dr Jim Radford discusses methods he's developing for farmers to measure their natural capital – including ecosystem services like biodiversity protection, erosion and flood control.

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Illustration of scientists.


Will science save us?

Meet our science and conservation team for a virtual, future-focused conversation during National Science Week 2021.

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Dr Rebecca Spindler


Conservation Futures Presentation

A 10-minute presentation by Bush Heritage's Executive Manager Science and Conservation, Dr Rebecca Spindler on the Conservation Futures grant, which came about through the Ian Potter Foundation, and what we're hoping to achieve through this collaborative project with the University of Melbourne, other universities, not-for-profits, the IUCN and many more.

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Drys Bluff.


Liffey Valley Bush Chat

A 50-minute webinar recording with Tassie Reserves Manager, Michael Bretz, and one of our founding directors, and now Life Member and Bush Legacy Circle advocate, Judy Henderson AO.

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Feral cat.


The challenge of cats

Sarah Legge (Professor at ANU and a Principal Research Fellow with The University of Queensland) discusses the urgent need for species protection from the impact of cats.

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Leanne and Paul Hales at Yourka Reserve.


Yourka Bush Chat

In this 50-minute webinar, Paul and Leanne Hales (Healthy Landscape Manager and Volunteer Coordinator) share their stories with you direct from beautiful Yourka Reserve lookout.

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Garry McDonald with seedlings.


Climate-ready reveg

A webinar with our science staff to discuss the impacts of heat and drought on eucalypts at Nardoo Hills in Victoria and our innovative climate-adjusted revegetation project.

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Screenshot from WA wildflowers webinar.


WA wildflowers

Ecologist Angela Sanders and Alex Hams (Healthy Landscape Manager in South West WA) discuss our Fitz-Stirling reserves. Botanist Libby Sandiford  presents  floral assessments.

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A blazing wildfire.


Bushfire impact & recovery

A year on from the 2019 bushfire season, how Bush Heritage Australia and WIRES are working collaboratively to help secure the future of all native species.

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Cissy Gore-Birch.


Aboriginal partnerships webinar

Take a deep dive on Aboriginal Partnerships and right-way science in this 50-minute webinar with Cissy Gore-Birch.

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