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Inspecting artesian springs at Edgbaston Reserve.
Inspecting artesian springs at Edgbaston Reserve.

Live from Edgbaston

Published 28 Mar 2023

Join us live from Edgbaston Reserve, Central Queensland.

Edgbaston is an ecosystem where freshwater springs flow, where unique fish dart and school and where ancient bushlands grow. 

In its freshwater springs live more than a dozen species of plants and animals found nowhere else in the world, like the critically endangered Edgbaston Goby and Red-finned Blue-eye.

Join Bush Heritage Australia's Jo Axford, Dean Gilligan and Tony Mayo as they chat about the complex set of interlocking conservation measures that protects the unique landscape and species of Edgbaston.

Our presenters

Portrait of Jo Axford

Jo Axford

Head of region North

Portrait of Dean Gilligan

Dr Dean Gilligan

Freshwater & Wetlands Ecologist

Portrait of Tony Mayo

Tony Mayo

Healthy Landscape Manager, Arid Riverine

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